You Should Do These 4 Things After Suffering An Injury on Job


According to the law if a person suffers from an injury at work s/he has the right to compensation. That is the positive side; the other side of the coin is that the entire process is very complicated. If one does not follow the procedure, it can lead to a claim being denied or loss of benefits – two things that might be desperately needed at the hour. There are few steps a person can take after getting a severe injury in West Virginia. The most obvious is to retain a wv injury attorneys. The best way possible to do that is to search for a trustworthy lawyer as per

The temptation to not retain a lawyer will be high but understand that insurance companies like to make money for themselves first. Therefore, they will find some way or the other to delegitimize your claim of injury by any way possible even if it requires underhand strategies. Protect yourself from your employer, who may contest your case to defend his reputation, and get legal aid that qualifies for worker’s compensation. Let them pursue the justice you deserve.

But even before you hire an injury lawyer, it is important to visit an approved doctor. It is these first few steps that will define your claim. So right after the injury ask your employee for physician recommendation. As per law, they would have a number of them on their network. Pick the physician who is most experienced in your kind of injury and go for medical treatment. If you don’t like the doctor in the later stages one can always consult another one. But don’t skip on immediate and emergency treatment else you increase the chances of worsening the injury.

Give the complete story to your doctor of how you received the damage while at work. Tell everything that occurred during the work hours so that the health professional can keep a record of it. This will be taken as important paperwork in the later stages of the claim. After you have received medical care report the injury to your employer. Remember the report should be made and it should be done so before thirty days finish from the date of an accident. Ask for any paperwork that needs to be filled in such cases from the HR department. Fill them as thoroughly as possible so as to not leave any loophole for your claim.

For injuries that take a longer period to heal a victim may be eligible for lost wages paid or temporary disability payments. To ensure you get these benefits keep track of your time. Document the entire time you are not working. These documents will help make your case stronger. The last but one of the most important steps is to stick to the regime your physician has set. Keep all the doctor appointments, do not miss any treatment session and follow all the orders to the very last inch. Do not skip on medicine. Any lack or lag will be seen as you making a false claim and lead to it being dropped.

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