What Are The Indirect Costs Of Workers Compensation Cases

Workers Compensation

Are you wondering why you should hire a worker’s compensation lawyer instead of working with a family lawyer? There are very valid reasons why you should, and the most important reason of all is that they are paid if and only if they win the case for you. That works out to your advantage as you get paid more, and so do they. But filing a worker’s compensation case and getting awarded money is not that simple and involves a lot of expenses. The attorney that you hire should be qualified to handle the situation, contact them here if you are looking for one. You should discuss with your lawyer how to handle the expenses before handing the case to avoid surprises.

Experts at www.lawdepot.com suggest that one way to find out if the lawyer is qualified or not is to ask about the hidden costs. If the attorney does not explain precisely, then you should not proceed and hand over the case. Listed below are some hidden costs that you might incur in your worker’s compensation case.

Fees for filing the case: Most states have their laws regarding fees for filing a claim. Some states do not have any fee while others charge a nominal fee for filing a worker’s compensation case.

Records and other processing fees: You will need to obtain medical records, and this needs to be submitted as part of the legal documents required. To obtain these files, you will have to pay a nominal fee for getting these records from the concerned department.

Mailing costs: All legal claims involve a lot of paperwork and have more than one copy of the same. These documents have to be posted to various addresses and add up to all the overall expenses.

Doctor’s expense: A qualified doctor has to be hired to testify in your claim. That is apart from the medical bills that you are incurring. Doctor’s charge for the time they spend testifying for your case. The more qualified the doctor is, the higher the fee.

Productivity loss: An injury in the workplace can affect the overall productivity due to various reasons. It causes a significant amount of distraction among colleagues when an incident happens which can last for quite some time resulting in loss of time apart from the losing out on a skilled worker be it for a short time or permanently. A workplace injury can cause anxiety among co-workers and hence affects productivity.

Cost of finding a replacement: Apart from losing on a skilled and trained worker due to injury, the business also has to find a suitable replacement. That involves headhunting which is a costly process especially if you are unable to find any current employee to fill. The new employee has to be trained which all turns out to be expensive.
There are many other indirect costs along with the cost of worker’s compensation. To prevent such undue expenses, the proper safety of the workplace has to be ensured along with training the employees on the use of equipment.

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